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The Spoils Card Creator + Final Set + Errata Pack

Create and order your own custom cards. Purchase errata packs for Ungodly Mess and Deckade of Decadence. Purchase the final 34 card expansion of Spoils cards from future sets that would’ve been and player-created cards and new format.

Trade Devotion in Current Pt. 4

Glory, glory, hallelujah! We have a new set for The Spoils called, “Decade of Decadence”. Check out this new article series with decklists from the newest expansion.

Learn to Play The Spoils Card Game

First, watch the videos below. Then, delve into the rules for more detail.

Basic Rules
Comprehensive Rules

Learn to Play – Factions

Learn to Play – Basic Combat

Learn to Play – Characters and Tactics

Learn to Play – Multiple Characters in a Party

Learn to Play – Locations and Items

Learn to Play – Resources & Threshold

Welcome to Luridia

The world of Luridia is one step away from total catastrophe. The magic-industrial complex has spawned a web of invention, speculation, and conflict that threatens to spin out of control. Feuding city-states vie for dominance with only a careless glance at the costs of their schemes.

Working class wizards churn out voidal humour, the raw stuff of magic, by the ton in massive factories. Mad elves use voidal humour to fuel their innovations, often bizarre arms and armors. Draconic warlords employ these weapons in their endless campaigns against one another, soaking battlefields in blood to claim the mantle of an empire long since destroyed. Cat-faced moneylenders broker and bully their way across the marketplace, wringing a profit from trade, war, even death. All the while, thieves prowl the streets, cutting purses and throats as it suits them.

Into this world, one man has plotted a course to power that would topple every pillar keeping civilization from collapsing into another dark age. In a different time, in a different place, men and women of great moral character would rise to stop him. Luridia has no place for such men and women. It needs Unlikely Heroes, whose obsession, rage, elitism, greed and deception will carry the day against the colossal forces that intend to snuff them out.

And to the victor go the Spoils.

The Spoils is an absurdist fantasy; a rollicking journey through a lunatic world only slightly less depraved than our own.