Advice to an Ambassador pt. 3

Advice to an Ambassador pt. 3

This is part three of a three part series. Find part one here and part two here.

Six – If Knowledge is power… then a god am I !!! (Or people are Lazy).

 Okay this one, I admit, can be a little tricky and is very dependent on your situation on the ground, but the key thing to wining any campaign id information and in this case having it to hand. When it comes down to it people are; busy, distracted, unsure and do not have the time to (insert task), or as I like to call it lazy. Instead of deriding them for this obvious moral failing (tongue firmly placed in cheek) help them to over come their inherent lack of moral fibre and have information to hand. I guess my point is, make it as easy as possible for people to get into the game, the more barriers you can drop, the less excuse they can have to not play it.

So what information do you need? Well the truth is dependent on who you are speaking to, so lets deal with shops first (which is the trickiest and I have to say I have an unfair advantage here).

Stores; Remember at the heart of any store, there is a need to make a profit, which means people through the door and product that can be sold. So, if you can give a lot of information to the store owner so they don’t have to dig for themselves this will help. Therefore knowing the following is very useful; Who is the distributor for the game in the area (in the UK we have a single official distributor, which makes it easy), and contact details for them. Who can co ordinate organised play in the area, and who the shop owner can turn to for support. Where OP prize support is going to be supplied from.

What we have found is that if you have a co-ordinated approach from ambassador and distributor can be amazingly successful. The ambassador does an approach which is followed later by a soft approach from the distributor about the products, availability and of course trade cost. Now to be fair, I know that this is not possible in every circumstance.

Players; They want to know where they can play, so obviously the store you are in, but any clubs and local groups that might have sprung up. They want to know about the sets, what is available what is usable (of course directing them to the website helps). In the UK and Europe the Shecond (thank you Sweden for that) format is now dominating due to it’s availability and production alone by Arcane Tinman. I believe the Seed is still popular in the US. What is good, which is your chance to wax lyrical about the fact that unlike other games you do not have to have four of X rare card in order to be successful. What organised play is like, how do they sign up, what is required for a tournament, what formats are used. Lastly, as much of a working knowledge of the rules as possible, for a while you will be ‘their go to guy (person for political correctness sake)’ when it comes to rules questions. So make sure you have read the comprehensive rules and looked through the discussion pages on the forum. The more organised, knowledgeable and confident you are about the game, the more new players will take that impression of the game as a whole away with them.

Seven – Unflagging spirit.

 So we come to the last point of my out pouring to thoughts, ideas and views. The seventh point which make me feel like I have been writing some form of wacky self help book that can only be bought through a mail order company and come with a free gift.

The Spoils is an awesome game, you know it, I know it, the rest of the community know it. However there will be those who do not know it, will try to refuse to see it and will block, bar and generally stand in your way! Things will not go as planned, even when offering free stuff people will turn you down, you will at times be treated with barely concealed contempt. The key point is to not let the set backs demoralise you, ‘change happens slowly in the shire, if it happens at all!’, and it would be very easy to give up, even easier as you are only a volunteer.

So I want you to keep this in mind, we are in this for the long haul, the nay sayers will crow and then be proved wrong, those in their ivory towers will tremble at the growing sound of Micromajig feet, the game will grown and those who mocked and disregarded will be fore to come to the table late, cap in hand and belly hungry for a slice of humble pie. My point my friend is this, at times you will feel like it is not worth it and that you are up against it alone, you are not, there is a dedicated Spoils community and we all have your back! To Para phrase…

we shall fight on the table,

we shall fight on internet forum,

we shall fight in the clubs and in the back-rooms,

we shall fight in the stores;

we shall never surrender!

 So there you have it my friends, my rambling treaties on things that can help the lowly Micromajig Ambassador have a fighting chance in bringing this game as fully to the gaming world as possible. I hope you have rather enjoyed my archaic style and ramblings and some of what I have blathered on about has been some use.

Viva Le Revolution!!!

Born in deepest darkest Kent in the late 70’s, Simon was always destined to be a geek! After growing up and trying that real world job stuff for a bit he saw the light and now works at Chaos Cards surrounded by the nerdvarna that is his office. Part of his job is to see ‘The Spoils’ grow in the UK. When not pretending to work Simon is an avid role player, war gamer, bassist and horse rider. Oh and when he isn’t doing that he is also a Stand up Comedian.