The Spoils Ambassador Program

Thank you for exploring The Spoils Card Game’s Ambassador Program. Below you will find our Ambassador Policy, which outlines all of the expectations and benefits of performing as an Ambassador. Underneath, you will find the Ambassador Application.

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador for The Spoils Card Game is a friendly, charismatic, and enthusiastic players that owns The Spoils cards and regularly plays with friends, family, and other players at their home, gaming group, conventions, or local game store. Ambassadors love The Spoils and enjoy teaching and sharing. Ambassadors exemplify good sportsmanship before, during, and after game play.

An Ambassador is a “standard bearer” for The Spoils and must always positively promote and portray themselves and our company in the most professional manner possible. Ambassadors are the frontline connection to the player community whose mission it is to cultivate and share an amazing gaming experience with old and new gamers alike. As a member of this team, each Ambassador will support their fellow Ambassadors and work together to make each and every The Spoils demo an outstanding experience and success.

What are the responsibilities of an Ambassador?

The Spoils Ambassadors are asked to organized, conduct, and report on demos held at their homes, gaming groups, local events, conventions, schools, public libraries, and friendly local game stores (FLGS). Ambassadors are given a special profile in our Player Portal where they can download resources to help make these events successful.

Utilizing these tools, Ambassadors focus on creating memorable game experiences that leave the participants wanting to play again.

Ambassadors are expected to run one (1) demo per month with each demo being reported through our Player Portal. Please note that The Spoils Employees randomly check-in with stores and event locations to ensure validation of demos and ask for feedback. Ambassadors that go two months without reporting a demo will lose their Ambassador status and may not be allowed to reapply to the program or redeem rewards points.

Ambassadors are highly encouraged to share their experiences on social media, YouTube, fan websites, podcasts, or other digital means. Additional reward points may be given to particularly successful Ambassadors for these extra efforts at the discretion of The Spoils Management.

Where can I lead The Spoils demos?

Home – Ambassadors are encouraged to start by showing their friends at around the kitchen table, in the living room, or during game night!

Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) – Visit and set up a demo at your Favorite Local Game store, either at the request of a retailer or through your approaching a retailer in your local area.

Gaming Group – Have a regular group of gaming friends? Show them The Spoils and earn Rewards Points for the demo!

Conventions – Big or small, we want to help you make your convention appearance a success. Bonus points are given depending on the size and dates of the convention. Contact to coordinate.

Organized Play – Sign up to run Organized Play events at a friendly local game store. First, make sure your game store has signed up for Victors Organized Play. Help with Spoiled Rotten and demo during the event! Store owners can run official Spoils tournaments and purchase organized play kits for bigger prizes and point multipliers.

Schools and Libraries – Take note that The Spoils has some mature content and may not be suitable for all schools and libraries, but using your best discretion, these locations might be a great fit for your next demo! Ambassadors should always use their best judgement when deciding where to host a demo event and who to demo to.

What is considered a “demo”?

Ambassadors should use their own cards to show new players how to play the game. Additionally, we are happy to work with an Ambassador to host a “New Player Tournament” at a FLGS. For “New Player Tournaments,” we provide free demo decks and promos. These events should be coordinated with The Spoils Management and the local retailer and scheduled at least two weeks ahead of time.

 What are my rights as an Ambassador?

Ambassadors serve on a strictly volunteer basis and are primarily motivated by their passion for The Spoils and desire to help it grow. We will provide the tools and training to help create a memorable experience, but we accept no responsibility for the costs incurred while volunteering, demoing, or hosting an event.

Travel, parking, meal and other misc. costs are the sole responsibility of the Ambassador unless specifically organized with an authorized member of The Spoils Staff.

While actions such as posting to social media, creating videos, translating to other languages, hosting websites, creating podcasts, managing communities, updating fan services, etc. are appreciated, they go above and beyond the call of duty or the scope of the Ambassador Program. And while extra Rewards Points may be rewarded on a case-by-case basis, there is no strict rule on how many or even if they will be rewarded. Ambassadors should not expect extra Reward Points for anything outside of demos, unless specifically arranged with an authorized member of The Spoils Staff.

What are Rewards Points and how do I earn them?

Ambassadors earn 10 Rewards Points per submitted demo which can be redeemed for exclusive prizes, promos, playmats, and even product. Available rewards are subject to change without notice.

In the Player Portal, Ambassadors can submit their demo events. When a demo is submitted, 10 Reward Points are added to their account balance which can be used to “purchase” rewards in the Rewards tab. Some rewards can be purchased with actual currency, while others can only be redeemed with points.

Aside from rewards offered through the Player Portal, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn unique rewards when they volunteer at conventions, shows, or perform as judges (when applicable).The_Spoils_Player_Portal_GRY

Additional points can be awarded based on individual performance, feedback, nominations, volunteering, positivity, and substantive additions to The Spoils community. Please note that this is at the discretion of The Spoils Staff and are not guaranteed, although we are always looking for reasons to award extra points!


How do I get started?

Fill out the form below! A representative will be in touch within five business days to discuss your application. Please contact with any questions you may have.

Apply for the Program Below

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Help Docs

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