Announcing Victors Circuit, Orlando

Announcing Victors Circuit, Orlando







The Spoils, in partnership with Alter Reality Games in the USA, is excited to announce the addition of the Victors Circuit to our VICTORS Organized Play Program! The Victors Circuit is your chance to compete at a higher level of tournament play. These regional-style events will feed into our North American Spoils Championship, to be held at Gen Con 2016. We will be announcing more events throughout the year, so keep an eye on the front page! Our inaugural event will take place in beautiful Orlando, Florida!

Osceola Heritage Park
1875 Silver Spur Lane 
Kissimmee, FL 34733

Dates: January 2-3 2016
Time: Demos start on Saturday at 11:00 AM
Sealed registration begins at 9:30 AM Sunday
Deck Registration begins at 10:30 AM Sunday


Saturday – non-stop demo madness
Sunday – Seed Saga Sealed

Entry Fee: $30


1st: 4x alternate art Gideon, The Ultimate Warrior Non-foil promo, 400x purple sleeves, Gen Con Badge Reimbursement
2nd: 200x purple sleeves, 1x alternate art Gideon, the Ultimate Warrior non-foil promo
3rd-4th: 100x purple** sleeves, 1x alternate art Gideon, The Ultimate Warrior Non-foil promo
Top 8 will each receive an invite to The Spoils Championships, Top 8 VICTORS Playmat, Top 8 Dice, & Top 8 Resources

$500 will be awarded to Top 4 if 32-63 players participate in Sunday’s Sealed. Less than 32 players will receive product prizes only.
$1000 will be awarded to Top 8 if 64+ players participate in Sunday’s Sealed.

*All players in the Sunday Sealed event will receive a participation promo card, product based on turnout. All players receive 6 sealed Seed Saga booster packs with which to build their decks. Please note that the 14th insert card will not be used in these events. Players may receive a 14th card “ultra rare” or “fixed” card as part of their pools, but they are not legal for this tournament.

**Sleeves may be either red, purple, or green.

Pre-register here and receive a FREE pewter Micromajig token as an additional entry prize!