Announcing Victors Circuit, UK

Announcing Victors Circuit, UK

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Here at Chaos Cards, we are official distributors and supporters of the quirky, irreverent TCG The Spoils, which means we get to do fun stuff like send out event packs to stores, run demos at conventions, and arrange big organized play events! With the Victors’ Circuit set of OP events kicking off in the US, we decided it wasn’t fair that the Americans should get all the fun, so we’ve set up our own – and hopefully the first of many – Victors’ Circuit Tournaments over here in the UK! Reserve Sunday 13th March 2016 in your diaries, as the first stop of our circuit kicks off then.


The Victors’ Circuit Kicks Off in the UK! – to preregister, please click here 

Over here, we’re taking it to the top level; but we want our Victors’ circuit events to be playable by anyone, there are awesome prizes on offer for top players, but everyone who enters will get a booster pack, just for turning up! (given out during prize giving)

The Inaugural Victors’ Circuit Tournament is set to be held at the Muggleton Inn in Maidstone, Kent, and will hopefully be the first of several such tournaments across the UK, in a similar vein to the tournaments across the pond.

The primary event will be a Sealed Format Tournament, using booster packs from the Seed Saga set. You will receive SIX Seed Saga Booster Packs, with which to build your deck. This event will be a Swiss format, with top 4 play-off.

If you are unfamiliar with Sealed Deck Format rules, please click here for a definitive guide.

Times are as follows

Date : Sunday 13th March 2016

9:30am Arrival, Check In and Player Meeting

09- 16 players, 4 rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 4
17- 32 Players, 5 rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 4

Play will end by 17:30 with prize giving taking place up to 18:00. Rounds will be 45 Minutes long, with 3 turns after the one you are on when time is called.

There will be a lunch break, if 4 rounds of Swiss, 1 hour, if 5 rounds of Swiss, 1/2 hour , lunch will take place between rounds 2 & 3

Please note that you will keep your original decks for the Top 4 Play-Off

However, if sealed is not your thing or your tournament takes a turn for the worse, then there will be a special side event of our own invention, which we have dubbed the Xtremely Good Format, or XGF for short! XGF is a constructed format tournament, with a few restrictions:

  1. Tournament factions only (basic faction cards)
  2. 15 Influence maximum starting influence
  3. 45-50 card deck size
  4. Sets that can be used: 2nd Edition, Seed III, Shade of the Devoured Emperor, Holy Heist, Seed Saga

Rounds will be short and action-packed, so prepare for some speedy play! 20 Minutes rounds!

Please see here for a list of banned cards,

The Spoils Banned List

Please note pre-registration for the side event is not possible or required.

There will also be space to play your own casual games if you should choose to do so.

What Can I Win?

Main event prizes

1st: 4x alternate art Gideon, The Ultimate Warrior Non-foil promo, Gen Con Badge Reimbursement (your entry fee if you go to US Gen Con)
2nd – 4th:  1x alternate art Gideon, the Ultimate Warrior non-foil promo
Top 8 will each receive an invite to The UK Spoils Championships (fall 2016), Top 8 VICTORS Playmat, Top 8 Dice, & Top 8 Resources

Cash Prize Pool :

1- 24 players – product prizes above only, with £50 cash award + 24 Spoils Booster Packs of choice from current in print sets to the winner

24 -32 players – £250 distributed to the top 4, 5:3:1:1 , £125 plus 24 Spoils Booster Packs of their choice guaranteed to the winner

Entry by Pre-registration only, so we can kick things off quickly in the morning.

Everyone also gets a free booster pack, distributed during prize giving.

Side event prizes – XGF Constructed

Swiss – starts as soon as 8 players are signed up

£6 entry

Prize pool : 2 Boosters per player
Distributed : 4:3:2:2 to the top 4


The Muggleton Inn, Maidstone8666212348_c5f8e2498d_b

Set out over four floors and built in 1827, the Muggleton Inn was originally Kent Fire Brigade’s Head Office. When Kent Fire Brigades head office was relocated the building was then home to an insurance company. The Muggleton Inn was born just over nine years ago and still retains much of the splendour from the original interior design.

After a big refurbishment at the end of 2014, it is now a large and comfortable Wetherspoons branch, with a wide, affordable menu and plenty of rooms for private events – they’ve had everything from Magic: the Gathering tournaments to ghost hunts! We’ll be taking up an upstairs floor for our Spoils Tournament, so we’ll have a large space all to ourselves!

Where Do I Buy My Ticket?

Tickets are available on our website now! Ticket price is £25 per person, this includes the product you get to build your deck! Did we mention how awesome the prizes are?

Pre-registration is essential for this event, so if you want to play in the tournament, you need to buy a ticket in advance.  when you buy your ticket you’ll be prompted to fill in all the registration information we need to get you signed up!

Keep an eye on the Facebook event or sign up to our newsletters for the latest news!