Decade of Deckadence Review from a World Champion

Decade of Deckadence Review from a World Champion

First, a little bit about myself for those who may or may not know me. My name is Matthew “Moxless” Kucklinca, and I consider myself one of the true Spoils Card Game “OG.” I have been collecting and playing for over 10 years since the game was in its Beta stage. I still remember learning on the black and white prints, asking myself “What am I doing learning a game with no pictures?” Needless to say, that day was one of the greatest days in my twenty year gaming career. The Spoils Card Game is by far the best game I have ever played and I have played MANY, which brings me to this article, reviewing the latest expansion, the Decade of Deckadence Cube and Core Set!

Where to begin? That was my initial thought, when I opened and drafted the first pack of DOD. If you’re like me when you were reading the set and said, “Wow these cards are ridiculous!” you weren’t dreaming you were/are right.

DOD, in a self contained format, was one of the best experiences I have ever played in the Spoils. It was also amazing to see so many new faces come out and share in the experience at Origins 2016. Every DOD draft was completely filled up and everyone was laughing and joking around. DOD has reprints and new cards from all the sets, including Ungodly Mess all in a “Cubed Draft Format.” For those that are new to that format, it is a draft format, but instead of your last picks being garbage or useless cards, this format, your last pick could be a first pick of a card from its normal set (it happened to me, my last pick was a Ritual of Double Monkey, lucky me).

DOD’s intention was to attract new blood to the game, by making it easy to get into an existing game by getting the new cards and old cards for a fraction of the cost. It also makes everyone on the same level playing field. The draft and sealed formats are great because it will help eliminate some of the guess work in how to build your deck because there will not be any bad cards per-se, however playing it, is still the fun and challenging part of The Spoils. The set offers so many out of the box combos and ideas that you can immediately draft or build towards during the deck construction as well as providing a fun atmosphere even if your first time playing. The only caution I throw out there, is that when adjusting to the other sets, please keep an open mind. Like I said DOD is powerful, so comparing that to everything else, well, there really is not a comparison. I saw some of that frustration in the newer players, but I tried to immediately go over to them offer strategy tips, deck construction tips, and just overall Spoils IQ knowledge to help ease the transition.

As far as the set goes, I don’t want to go too much into the individual cards, because quite frankly, every card could have its own write up. I wanted to bring awareness and excitement around this boxed set. I will see everyone at Gencon and if we have time before or after a tournament, and someone has one around and wants to get a quick Sealed Game in, I am all for it. Something tells me that DOD Sealed/Draft format will be the most popular format we currently have in the game. Till next time!