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The Decade of Deckadence™ drafting cube and core set is the next exciting evolution in The Spoils Card Game. The DoD is designed as a stand-alone game that is totally self contained. Draft with one, play sealed with two, and combine two to start building decks for your next VICTORS tournament.

As a “cube” drafting product, the purpose of the DoD is to provide an easy entry-point for brand new players with access to many of the most powerful cards in The Spoils history. Many of the cards in the DoD are extremely powerful!

The Decade of Deckadence™ contains:

  • 428 total cards
  • 67 Full Art Cards from The Spoils History
  • 89 Brand New Full Art Cards
  • 20 of each Staple Resource with New Art
  • 8 Tournament Faction Cards
  • 5 Micromajig Tokens
  • 3 Demon Tokens
  • New Full Color Rule Book

Decade of Deckadence Documents

Decade of Deckadence FAQ
Comprehensive Rules Log Update – DoDRelease (please note that this is simply a log for your convenience, but will not go into full effect until after the DoD is released)
“Patch Notes” and Rationale

DoD Quick Facts

  • -The Decade of Deckadence will have an advanced preview on June 15th at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. Each participant in our Booze Drafts Wednesday-Saturday night will walk away with a copy. The DoD will be used for the draft. These copies are advanced prototypes and are not final.
  • -Pre-release will be Gen Con 2016. Wide-release will be late August 2016.
  • -MSRP in the US is $39.99.
  • -All The Spoils cards moving forward will feature the new, fuller art templates and card back with the logo.
  • Copy of DOD_Card Back
  • -The DoD will not feature foil cards (so we suggest you stock up on existing foil versions to use in your cubes!)
  • -The DoD will be legal in all Current and Chronicle formats two weeks after the wide release.
  • -The DoD will act as the “core set” or “base set” for the Revenant Cycle – the next series of booster expansions and starter decks planned for Q4 of 2016 into 2017. This means that all cards in the DoD will be legal for Cycle Format Constructed tournaments once the first set of the Revenant Cycle is released.
  • -Cycle Format is a tournament format that includes only cards printed within a given Cycle of sets. Unlikely Heroes is one Cycle, for example. So is Seed Saga. The Revenant Cycle + DoD will function as a cycle, much like Second Edition has functioned as the previous core set.
  • -We have plans to officially support Current and Cycle with major tournaments in the coming year. Chronicles will continue as a fun, casual format.
  • -The Comprehensive Rules and Basic Rules will receive an update for the DoD. The Comprehensive Rules changes will not go into effect until two weeks after the DoD is officially released. The Basic Rules update will only apply to the DoD cards when played as a stand-alone game until the CR is officially updated.