FAQ Updates and CR Changes

FAQ Updates and CR Changes

With the upcoming release of the Decade of Deckadence and Gen Con just next week, it’s time for a new rules update!

Ungodly Mess FAQ 1.2

The FAQ for Ungodly Mess has been updated. You can read the entire document here. The biggest change is in regards to the functionality of Arcane Ambush (which, as you can see here, has been updated to reflect the correct artist as Godfrey Escota, not Raymond Tan).

Arcane Ambush

Arcane Ambush-correct

The card Shade of the Devoured Emperor does not meet the trigger condition for Arcane Ambush. Arcane Ambush only looks for cards that have the actual UNIQUE keyword, not cards that reference UNIQUE keywords in their rules text.

Read the rest of the FAQ for any questions regarding Ungodly Mess card functionality.

Decade of Deckadence FAQ and Full Spoiler

The full spoiler for Decade of Deckadence, frequently asked questions, upcoming comprehensive rules change log (to be released once DoD officially hits the streets late August), and “patch notes” to explain the rationale behind such changes have been updated on the Decade of Deckadence page.

For quick access, you can grab read them here:

Decade of Deckadence FAQ
Comprehensive Rules Log Update – DoDRelease (please note that this is simply a log for your convenience, but will not go into full effect until after the DoD is released)
“Patch Notes” and Rationale