Meet Bailey, The Spoils New Community Manager!

Meet Bailey, The Spoils New Community Manager!

Dear Spoils Community,

My name is Bailey Griffin and as of last week I am the new Community Manager for The Spoils Card Game.  I was brought on to help the company establish a more involved social media presence, heighten community involvement, and expand The Spoils brand. It is my personal goal to see the brand flourish.  I will use this article to tell you all a bit about myself and the plan I have moving forward.

I have been a gamer ever since I can remember. I’ve played PC and trading card games since I was young and have always enjoyed the challenging and social aspects of gaming. I’ve been very involved in the Pokémon, Yu-gi-oh!, MLB Showdown, Magic, and recently the Spoils community.  Meeting new people, exchanging ideas about the game, testing each other’s abilities, and sharing experiences is what trading card games are all about.  I could talk for days with people about archetypes, ideas for future cards, deck buildings tips… the list goes on. But my true passion is being a part of the community and helping it to grow and evolve.  I earned my bachelor’s in marketing so that I could set myself on a career path to be a community manager.  I’ve always wanted to make sure that every player felt as though their voice was heard and that they were an integral part of making the game better.

Moving forward I will do my best to help The Spoils become something greater.  A few of my goals:

  • Create a much broader and more active social media platform
  • Receive and answer feedback from community members
  • Attend conventions and meet players from around the nation
  • Develop a more recognized national brand
  • Help give the community a voice and keep its members informed

My hope is that together, you and I, can work to make The Spoils even larger and even better than it ever has been. If I promise you one thing it’s that my heart is 100% in this and I will do everything I can to accomplish these goals.  Please feel free to contact me at

Thank you for your time,

Bailey Griffin Community Manager, The Spoils