New Ambassador Rewards

New Ambassador Rewards

The Spoils is proud to announce the addition of several brand new Rewards to our Ambassador program! These rewards include reprints of veteran favorites, extremely powerful and hard to get prizes, and brand new cards previously unavailable! The costs for previous prize cards are quite high to ensure the integrity of their rarity while providing exciting rewards to strive toward.

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What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador for The Spoils Card Game is a friendly, charismatic, and enthusiastic players that owns The Spoils cards and regularly plays with friends, family, and other players at their home, gaming group, conventions, or local game store. Ambassadors love The Spoils and enjoy teaching and sharing. Ambassadors exemplify good sportsmanship before, during, and after game play.

An Ambassador is a “standard bearer” for The Spoils and must always positively promote and portray themselves and our company in the most professional manner possible. Ambassadors are the frontline connection to the player community whose mission it is to cultivate and share an amazing gaming experience with old and new gamers alike. As a member of this team, each Ambassador will support their fellow Ambassadors and work together to make each and every The Spoils demo an outstanding experience and success.

What are Rewards Points and how do I earn them?

Ambassadors earn 10 Rewards Points per submitted demo which can be redeemed for exclusive prizes, promos, playmats, and even product.

In the Player Portal, Ambassadors can submit their demo events. When a demo is submitted, 10 Reward Points are added to their account balance which can be used to “purchase” rewards in the Rewards tab. Some rewards can be purchased with actual currency, while others can only be redeemed with points.

Aside from rewards offered through the Player Portal, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn unique rewards when they volunteer at conventions, shows, or perform as judges (when applicable).The_Spoils_Player_Portal_GRY

Additional points can be awarded based on individual performance, feedback, nominations, volunteering, positivity, and substantive additions to The Spoils community. Please note that this is at the discretion of The Spoils Staff and are not guaranteed, although we are always looking for reasons to award extra points!