Open Beta Draft Tournament Report

Open Beta Draft Tournament Report

Hello Fellow Spoils Players! Daniel Sotelo here with a little run down of the Free Open Beta Draft event that was held at Campus Cards and Games in Orlando Florida on Saturday March 7th.

I have seen on Facebook how much the Florida Scene has grown with the Spoils over the past year or so with the help of some great Ambassadors (GREAT JOB GUYS!!) and I guess Ken helped out, too!  After meeting a few of them at Gen Con 2014, I knew I wanted to get down there one day and play some Spoils. I was planning a trip down to Orlando that weekend for the first ever NYCFC match VS the other MLS Expansion Team, Orlando City. So I took that as perfect opportunity to get in touch with John Westcott and Ken Pilcher to help set up an event.

After talking back and forth for a bit, I wanted to have an event that will attract players from all the different groups in different regions of Florida. So…I thought, why not put up some product that I had laying around and do a FREE Draft. Who wouldn’t want to play in a FREE SPOILS DRAFT? To add a bit of flare to the event, I chose to make it Open Beta, bringing back Spoils to its roots and for a lot of the these Florida Players, they had never played with Open Beta before. This was a chance to get some cool Beta cards for FREE and play in a fun event!

 With the hard work from John, who set everything up at the shop, we had a great turnout of 24 players! Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando all came together to play in this event, which was cool to see people travel a bit. (I could be wrong with the cities and sorry if I left some other places out. No offense intended.)

 John had Robert picked me up from the airport that morning which was totally cool of them to do so. I’d met Rob a few times at Cons and he is always a great guy. People say he whines to much, but I think he is just misunderstood. We got to the shop a bit early so we just chilled outside and talked Spoils Constructed for the most part. Poop-Machine was talked about a lot as well as Barney. The shop finally opened and we went inside.

I looked around a bit and the store was fully stocked with board, role playing, miniature and card games galore. There was plenty of space with plenty of tables and chairs for the gamers to plop down for hours on end to roll dice, move plastic minis and flop cards. The store was broken off into 2 sections, so when I went into the second section to take a look, I was in shock…A BAR!! This place had a bar! I walked back into the main room and said “Rob, this place has bar?” he laughed and replied yes, so I went back into the second room, then came back and said “Rob, this place has a bar!” (Ok, enough about the bar.)

 People started showing up while Rob and I played some Shecond games. I busted out a deck I threw together a few nights before and unfortunately for Rob, my Majigs were way to much for his GGG. Yes, you read that right. So after a few games with Rob, I asked Kevin to play. So we got in a few games, during that time a lot of people were there so fast forward a bit and we are all set up at our tables to start drafting.

 Here is the deck list that I drafted. It is pretty straight forward as a Mono Warlord Aggro deck with the addition of just one Rogue card. There were some Key cards I would have loved to have for my deck but did not see any of them. A Scout or two would have been perfect and possibly a Target Practice.


Tournament Faction

Rage x 8 (2 Starting)
Deception x 4

Skewer x 2
Dragon Juice x 1
Hammer Smash x 1
Scrag x 1
Eye Gouge x 2
Dragons Strategy x 1
Strength in Numbers x 2
Bask Bile x 1
Dragons Anthem x 1

Humiliating Torture Apparatus x 1

Dragons Quarter’s x 1

Oversoon Lightfoot x 2
Crazed Deputy x 2
Heirloom Incinerator x 1
Sleeping Guard x 1
Warrior Prodigy x 1
Creaky Old Swordsman x 2
Hidden Sniper x 1
Stalwart Soldier x 2
Flaming Barduse x 1
Reckless Challenger x 1
Plodding Brute x 1
Dragon Rider x 1
Arena Quarter Finalist x 1
Cannon Squadron x 2


3 pods of 8, perfect. Since there are only 10 cards per pack, each player got 4 packs instead of the normal 3. Also, all cards pulled in packs were played as they were printed on the cards, which made for some fun times during the event. Some cards are way better and some, well, not so much. Mau Consultant is the same as it is in Part 1/Second edition so its still awful. Union Leader having 9 life is just not right; Dandy Day Trader having 6 life is also no fun to see on your opponent’s side of the table.

 So the drafting part went pretty smooth with Ken talking a lot of smack about all those 9 cost characters with the “amazing” stats of 1/1/3. I told Ken I wanted to beat him with a Cannon Squadron at some point in the event, Too bad we did not get to play, but I did witness Ken take a beating by Cannon Squadrons and a bunch of other Warlord Characters after he thought he was safe at 21 life. Apparently Shelby and her not so intimidating 3 Warlord Characters with a total base strength of 4 did 24 damage to Ken in one shot, placing him with zero points going into round 2. Let me tell you guys, it was hilarious. Dragons Anthem and Dragon Juice out of nowhere could ruin anyones day, don’t feel too bad Ken. (Don’t be shocked if you guys find Dragons Anthem on the banned list.)

I am not going to write up a tourney report mainly because I have a horrible memory and can not remember much from any of the games. I did have some great opponents though: John Westcott, Zhi, Ricardo, Shelby and Art. All were very fun games with the final match of Me Vs Art being a real nail biter. Very good game and I think at the end I saw smoke coming off of Art’s head as he was thinking of all the possible scenarios to swing in for the win. GREAT GAME ART!  Also, the match vs Shelby was basically a slaughterfest. I forget the number but I believe it was something like 18 characters were killed over the course of the game where it seemed for about 7 or 8 turns in a row, I would kill her character, and play one of my own, then she would kill my character and then play one of her own, back and forth, back and forth. Very fun game, and well played Shelby!

 With a lot of fun banter through out the event, it seemed Cannon Squadrons were just beast all over the place, which was hilarious. Someone had a HUGE problem with Billionaire, I believe it was Steven. One of the funniest moments that happened was there was an Emergency Obfuscation in play about to get its last token and be destroyed when time was called, so they switched over and apparently during extra time, another Emergency was played. They seemed to be having a blast!

 After the event was over, Ken and John made sure that every person who played in the event got some prizes which was totally cool of them. The overall experience was just great on all levels, the event was a huge success as everyone who was playing had a great time and it was good to see everyone from all over get together to play.

 I got in a few games of open constructed with Art who happened to be running my Barney deck, just missing a few cards he has not traded for yet. I broke out one of my favorite open decks and showed him that you can win open constructed games with 3 resources total the whole game. He was in shock, but really took a liking to the deck so hopefully he can get the cards needed for it, and have some fun with it down there in Florida as it does give Barney a lot of problems, as well as a lot of other decks.

 Before I leave you, I have to say, it was fantastic seeing Conrad and Christina again after all this time. Conrad was one of the best players ever to pick up a Spoils deck and I have had the honor of playing him twice in competitive play and getting my @$$ handed to me both times. He is in the elite group of Spoils Pros who I have never beat before. That being said, he must have taught Christina very well as I have faced her once and hold a 0% win rate against her too. Apparently she’s thought for the past 8 years that I hated her after that loss, which I found very funny, and also felt really bad that she thought that all this time. Conrad and Christina are 2 of the nicest people I have ever met so I have not one bad thing to say about either of them. It’s good to see them back in the Spoils mix.

To everyone who attended the event: thank you so much for playing! It was nice meeting a lot of you for the first time and putting a face to the name. I hope to see a lot of you at Gen Con this year and maybe back in Florida towards the end of the year. We just might have to do something like this again around that time. For all of you that couldn’t make it, we’ll see you next time!

 To all the Ambassadors down there, keep up the great work! To everyone else remember to Have Fun, Play Spoils.

 Now I will leave you with this amazing Spoiler from Heist?

 Oh wait…Sorry guys…no spoiler for you. Maybe next time!

 Editor’s Note: Make sure to check back Friday for another Heist spoiler!

Daniel Sotelo has been card gaming for almost 20 years and has been involved with The Spoils since the Open Beta Launch in 2006. He is one of the most successful player, winning almost every type of major tournament The Spoils had to offer. He consults players, all over the world on deck building strategy and has been a great ambassador for The Spoils from the very start.