Organized Play – Monthly Announcement

Organized Play – Monthly Announcement

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a ton of fun with the recent release of Holy Heist. If you haven’t heard yet, The Spoils has been nominated in the category of “Best Collectible Card Game” with the Origins Game Fair for 2015. We are really excited about this nomination and you should be too. Tell everyone you know about it, tell your friends, your not-friends, your retailers … everyone!


For those who do not know, Origins is a huge gaming convention held in Columbus Ohio each year. This year, the convention will be held from June 3rd to June 7th and Arcane Tinmen will be there representing The Spoils. We will have copies of our Basic Box of Awesomeness available in the Origins Game library and be running demos and events all throughout the convention. We are also hosting two National events at Origins, the U.S. National Constructed Championship and U.S. National Limited Championship. The event lists and prizes for all Origins events will be posted later this week so be on the lookout. We want to see everyone at Origins. Whether by carpool, plane, bus, train, boat, hitchhike, whatever you have to do, just get there!


Gencon, is the best attended gaming convention in the United States. The tagline for GenCon is “The best four days in gaming!” and you should be there to experience it. We will be hosting The Spoils World Championship tournament at GenCon again this year. The format for this year’s Worlds is sealed with a Top 8 draft so it is very approachable and participation is open to anyone who can get themselves to Indianapolis from July 30 – August 2 to attend. More details about all events for GenCon will also be posted within the next few weeks.


All stores who are signed up for Organized Play should have received the Pony Slaystation promo in last month’s shipment. This month will see the release of the Homewrecker full art promo. Next month’s promo, the final promo for Season 3, is the Drive by Boobing full art promo.

That wraps the update for May. Be sure to check back for more information about Origins and Gencon.

Please send all questions regarding Organized Play to OrganizedPlay (at) thespoils (dot) com.