Current v. Chronicle Formats

Current v. Chronicle Formats

Organized Play Update

Current v. Chronicle

Hello Everyone,

Hopefully, by now, most of you who are reading this have heard about the update to our Organized Play formats for constructed. We have two new official formats, named Current and Chronicles.


Current will consist of sets that are available to all players on the market and will form what is the most frequently used format for Organized Play events. Standard SLG events will always be Current format.

The sets that are legal in Current right now are:

  • 2nd Edition
  • Seed III: The Fall of Marmothoa
  • Shade of the Devoured Emperor
  • Holy Heist (as of April 10th)

As new sets release, they will enter the Current format. If there is a reprint set, anything not reprinted from the previous set will no longer be legal in Current, but will be legal in Chronicles.

Current has a ban list that includes the following cards:

  • Research Investment
  • Recollection Bazaar

Players may use cards from previous editions that have been reprinted in newer editions in Current, but as with all cards, players must use the most recent wording available on


Chronicles is meant to be a sort of everything goes format. All sets ever released are legal in Chronicles. We wanted this to be a crazy format for players that like crazy things happening in their games. As card games grow in age, card synergies, combos, and deck types grow in unexpected ways. We want players to be able to explore the depths of the game. Chronicles will be supported with events at conventions and as an optional format for some of our unique local events at the Tournament Organizer’s or retailer’s discretion. Use good judgement when deciding whether a Chronicles event makes sense for your customers or group.

In the spirit of having an anything goes format, we decided to start out with the following ban list:

  •  Emergency Obfuscation

The intent here is to allow players of all types to play the cards they like. We will be monitoring the health of this format closely, requiring deck lists for kit supported events sanctioned as Chronicles. As always, we value the voices of our community. If the feedback we receive on the Chronicles format is overwhelmingly indicative of a need to ban or restrict certain cards, we will of course take action.

Keep in mind, this format is not intended for new players and will never be marketed towards new players. We would like to reiterate to our Tournament Organizers and retailers, just as you would with any other game with new players, make sure that Chronicles events are gauged for the proper audience.

We hope the community enjoys and appreciates these new classifications for the constructed format. As always, we look to serve you and provide exciting Organized Play.

Let us know what you think.