“Patch Notes” – An Update from the Director of R&D

“Patch Notes” – An Update from the Director of R&D

“Patch Notes” is an article series explaining the purpose of recent rules changes. The attached PDF is a log of all such changes and the published rationale for each. Today’s installment of “Patch Notes” addresses the upcoming rules change merging the Void and Remove from Game zones and how this will be a guiding principle in all future design. 


Keeping in theme with simplifying game mechanics, we’ve decided to combine two similar and often misunderstood game areas. The ‘Out of Game/Remove from the Game’ and ‘Void’ game areas are now (upon the release of the Decade of Deckadence and upcoming CR update) one in the same.

While we personally  love the ‘Void’ game area and its interesting and mechanically distinctive aspects, our research has shown that these areas tend to be surprisingly confusing for even more seasoned players. At the end of the day, the two game areas are very close in concept. Leveraging our new initiatives, it no longer seems that having the ability to interact with one area more than the other is a good enough reason to keep these zones distinguished. 

This change has been live in our playtest groups for quite some time now with great success. This change helps to alleviate unnecessary complexity in the rules and improve visual clarity of board states, allowing players to focus attention on more important details of gameplay (such as tight mechanical combat decisions and efficient response timing).

We understand that this will cause some balance issues with the current pool of cards as they were designed to function with an entirely different intent; however, all future products, both planned and currently in development, are being designed and balanced with this change in mind. We will address any unforeseen abuse of power that we observe in competitive play if and when it arises. 

As always, we appreciate your support.

(For more information regarding this change to the game areas please reference the comprehensive rules.)