Spoiler! Ignatius Gloamspike

Spoiler! Ignatius Gloamspike

Greetings fellow Spoilers!

Today is an exciting day.  I was given the opportunity to spoil a new card from the upcoming Holy Heist set.  That card, ladies and gentlemen, is… Ignatius Gloamspike!

Ignatius Gloamspike

Since we play The Spoils I refuse to look at anything other than the art and flavor first.  So let’s.  This here is a Gloamspike!  That must be exciting for you all.  I know I’m excited.  For those of you that need a brief primer in The Spoils history, let me sort of explain.

Way back when, (Seed cycle) the main Arcanist dude was Woadenworm Gloamspike.  You might remember him from his own card in Seed 2, as well as the picture in the background on Ignatius’ card.  See it!? See it there!? Exciting!  Okay.  So, Woadenworm was an advisor to Emperor Padamose and high priest of the Thabbashites.  Basically, he mutinied against everyone, sired the Demon Knights and took a run at Marduun.  That did not go well.  His demon children were defeated and he was exiled to Lugubria.  It’s hard to argue things went well for Padamose though, since he was betrayed six ways to Sunday.  I think the only person that came out on top might have been Elzibeth, but that’s not important here.

Anyway, Woadenworm gets sent to Lugubria.  There he fathers the Brothers Gloamspike: Mogdra, Mirgla, and Dogwald.  These brothers discover voidal humor, Mogdra dies of voidal poisoning, Mirgla gets all sad and reclusive, and Dogwald becomes rich and famous.  Dogwald, one of the most powerful Arcanists around, has several children and one of them is… Ignatius!  

Ignatius is not all that talented like his dear old dad (and apparently not as evil) and just works as a clerk in the Arcana Department, which is interesting because we’ve already seen two other Blades of Questionable Morality.  One of those is Eustace who is also just a clerk at the Shameless Litigation division of Winterbottom, Marmouth & Co.  Hmmm, perhaps the name Unlikely Heroes is making more sense.  Wonder if Mize and Chum will show up?

Let’s get back to this art.  So now we know who is in the picture in the background.  It’s Grandpa Gloamspike!  We also see the broken end of his staff, which is also on the three-card art on the Basic Box of Awesomeness along with two other artifacts being used in a ritual, I’m sure.  Currently though, it’s just resting on a pile of books being studied by Ignatius.  I wonder where he got it, or if he loses it?  Isn’t this set called Holy Heist?  Interesting…interesting.

Moving on to his stats.  Ignatius is a 1/5/3 for four resources and three obsession.  They aren’t horrible.  He will be able to block a lot of other four-drops and live.  I mean he’s way better than the Furtive Investor, stats alone.  His rules text is absolutely amazing.  Depending on when this article is released you may or may not know that I value knowledge tools in limited play.  Ignatius is perfect for that.  He embodies some of my favorite limited play cards, Infatuated Armchair (sadly not in 2nd Edition), Obsessive Compulsion, and Moist Cave of the Darkpump (Seed faction card, arguably one of the best factions for limited play).  The best part about his abilities is that, under certain conditions, it allows you to manipulate your opponent’s next draw and send more troublesome cards to the bottom of their deck.

The condition needed is inflicting damage to a faction.  That’s sometimes easier said than done.  Ignatius needs to attack undefended in order to trigger this ability, but because he has 5 health you rarely need to worry about him dying through blocking, unless of course your opponent is on a mission to rid your board of him.  In fact, since he has to attack to trigger the first part of his ability anyway, you can swing with him first making your opponent choose to block and stop your secondary effects or take one on the chin from a heartier character.

His threshold is his biggest drawback.  At three resources it’s not necessarily prohibitive, but it will most likely determine your deck resources.  That’s balance for you.  For me, he’s definitely worth a first pull in a draft.  There would need to be a pretty stout uncommon for me to overlook Ignatius.  The ability to manipulate both decks is so strong.

We haven’t seen all that much from Heist yet, but I would love to pair Ignatius with the Defalcating Accountant.  Then, even if you don’t do damage to their faction you can still draw out the card you know is coming before making the decision to play a resource or draw a card.

Overall it’s a fantastic card.  I look forward to first picking him.  Do you guys think he’s better or worse than I make him out to be?  Would you draft him first?

Until next time!