Spoiler! The Primitive Tribes of Thabbash Faction

Spoiler! The Primitive Tribes of Thabbash Faction

“Hampus, what faction should I use?”

“The Tournament Faction of course. It is a lot better than the ones from Seed.”

“What about the new one from Holy Heist?”

“Wait what? Is there a new faction? Show me, now!”

For the first time let me present to you, the second new faction card from Holy Heist:

The Primitive Tribes of Thabbash

Primitive Tribes Faction

Faction cards are what makes The Spoils so awesome. It’s the card that lets you use your resources to draw cards or play more resources and it is also the card type with the most potential for innovation in future sets.

Let’s start by comparing this card to the Tournament Faction.

First off, you will start with 1 less influence, but that won’t make a huge difference in the majority of your games. You will draw the same amount of cards in the start of the game and you will have the same basic rules as on the Tournament Faction.

The first major difference is that you will start with one face-down resource (obsession in this case) and only one face up resource. This means that you will be one threshold “behind” and as I see it you have 3 options with your resources:

  • Play mono (only cards from one color). This will be the most consistent as it will hit high threshold faster than the next two options and you can play a lower amount of resources.
  • Start with the face-down obsession and one other staple resource (your splash color) and then only play one kind of resource into your deck. This is also consistent but you won’t hit threshold as fast as option 1.
  • Play more than one color of resources into your deck. This can work, especially if you play banker, but will make you draw hands with unplayable cards from time to time.

And finally, the biggest difference. When one of your tactics has been resolved and would go to the discard pile, you can pay 3 and put that tactic attached to your faction as a face-down resource. Wow, this is something completely new on a faction card, looks really exciting. But what can we do with it?

The card will do two things for you. It will accelerate your resources and it allows you to replay your tactics without taking them back from your discard pile.

Let’s say we decide to build an arcanist deck with this new faction. Arcanist has 5 cards that you can happily play turn 2 (Ameliorate, Brainbath, Manifest, Obsessive Compulsion, Ritual of the Double Monkey) and still have 3 resources open to flip it down. How fast do we accelerate assuming you have a good amount of these cards in your starting hand?

Turn 1: Play a resource (3).

Turn 2: Play a resource (4). Play a tactic and flip it down (5).

Turn 3: Play a resource (6). Play a tactic and flip it down (7).

Turn 4: Play a resource (8). Play a tactic and flip it down x2(10)

10 resources at the end of turn 4 would be the final result. This is slower than the Arcane Research engine but more reliable and you will also draw more cards to be more prepared for the game after you have accelerated.

So how can we use the reuse potential of the card? My first thought was to look up my old friend, the Prince of Thabbash, Woadenworm Gloamspike and pair it with All-Nighter. He will make all your tactics have flip up which means you can reuse any tactic. Let’s calculate if it would work:

We have all-nighter face-down and the prince in play. Pay 6 to flip all-nighter and 3 to flip it down. We will pay a total of 9 and detach 9 resources so we will not gain anything by doing this. There was a time in the early testing when it cost 2 to flip down which would have made this combo pretty insane. Fortunately (for the game) this was fixed in time. The faction still plays nicely with the Prince and they will either be paired together or you will need to play cards with flip-up (which there is a few good of).

This is probably the first card that I will try from the new set and when I do I think I will build a mono Arcanist (or splash for cock block) with the tactics I mentioned before to accelerate and then play a lot of control to control the game. I will be sure to post a decklist in the future, so keep an eye out for that!

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