Top 10 Shade Cards Pt. 2

Top 10 Shade Cards Pt. 2

As promised, I am back with the second half of my Top 10 Shade Cards for Constructed list. If you read Part One then you know what this is all about, so I’m going to dive right in to Part Two.

Neuralyzer Agent

Neuralyzer Agent.full

As a 3/3/3 for five resources and two threshold, the Agent is a tad expensive when just considering his stats.  Thankfully, this card isn’t blank and has some great Rules Text, namely the trigger that causes the opponent to discard a card whenever this guy is declared as an attacker.

I love this because it is a discard effect you can generate that your opponent cannot respond to. Players can often circumvent having to discard a card by either drawing more cards or laying the card down as a resource in response. The Agent doesn’t afford that opportunity since you can’t respond to triggers.

If you manage to hit six threshold then this card increases in value. Not only will it make your opponent ditch a card any time it attacks, but it could potentially make them ditch another if this card breaks through to the Faction. Combine the Agent with some Arcanist Covert trickery and you could have a good way to control the opponent’s hand size.



I’m sad to say that I didn’t think too much of this card when I first saw it, but now that I have seen it in action it terrifies me.

This card hits play as a 3/3/3 for either five resources or two resources and two damage to a location you control. At five resources this card is reasonably priced for the stats, but the other payment option makes the Homewrecker a steal. Let’s also not forget that the printed cost of two means this card can be brought into play via trickery such as Montgomery Blatherscythe.

While the Homewrecker is in play, any locations you control have the added ability to deplete itself in order to deplete a character. Considering many locations don’t have a deplete ability on their own, this increases the value of your locations by a huge amount, allowing you to control the board while still benefitting from the Rules Text on your locations.

Tetsudine Autoframe 

Testudine Autoframe.full

Jo’s super-suit screams constructed potential and has already been used effectively by many players. Why is the Autoframe so popular? It isn’t because of its stats, or its cost, or that it can potentially pump your entire board for a turn. It is the fact that it allows all of your characters to attack the turn they enter play that makes the Tetsudine so powerful.

Even with its high cost, the combo potential for the Autoframe is off the charts. It has already been seen in the Poop Machine deck as it provides a one-turn-kill

combo, and I imagine there will be many more uses for it in the future.

Personally, I want to experiment with this card and 0p3r4710n 1337 H4x0rz to drop the Autoframe and three other big guys at once and just go to town on my opponent. For added fun the other characters could even be T Force Majigs to recoup some of the high cost of the 0p3r4710n. Sure, this requires five cards in your hand at once to work, but it could be a lot of fun when done successfully.

Torchlight District

Torchlight District.full

I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen this card pop up in any major decks yet as I feel there is so much room to make this card exciting. I know it is always risky to build decks around locations as they are susceptible to attack, but I think this one might be worth the risk.

The potential advantage this card can provide is huge. While attacking always runs the risk of leaving you vulnerable to a counter attack. Torchlight District removes that vulnerability if you are attacking with characters three speed or less. Rather than being defenseless, your characters are ready to defend on the opponent’s turn.

The downside is that this card requires some commitment to Rogue since it requires three threshold. While Rogue has many good cards, they don’t benefit from this location as much as other trades due to the fact that many of their best characters have more than three speed. I’m sure someone will find a fun and exciting use for this card, though, and I can’t wait to see what it is.

Super Shiny Caltrops of DOOM!

Super Shiny Caltrops of DOOM!.full

This card is, without question, my absolute favorite card in Shade. I love the name (DOOM!), I love the art, and I love the mechanics. I have always been a big fan of gear cards and gear decks and this card fits that mold perfectly.

Without looking at its gear potential, the Caltrops deal two damage to a character when it enters play for the cost of two, basically making it a Target Practice. The bonus, however, is that the damage is inflicted as a trigger, meaning your opponent doesn’t know who you plan to damage until after the card hits the table and they can no longer respond to it.

The Caltrops do not require someone to be attached to when it is played, meaning it can still be an effective kill card when you don’t have a board. It also means the card remains in play and counts for cards like Goloam or Runic Field Enhancer.

If you need them again, the Caltrops can also be put face down as a resource to be Flipped Up later on. Although it can be expensive, the Caltrops can be a constant source of damage and frustration for your opponent’s characters.

That’s a Wrap

I hope you all enjoyed my Top Ten list and take the time to use some of these cards if you haven’t already. If you have any other cards you thought I should have put on this list, be sure to comment on the forums and let me know.