Trade Devotion in Current Pt. 1

Trade Devotion in Current Pt. 1

Glory, glory, hallelujah! We have a new set for The Spoils called, “Decade of Decadence”.


As an artist and aficionado, I adore the full art borders slapped onto the classic cards.  As a collector, I am ecstatic about the notion that buying two fixed packages rewards me with a complete set of 4 for each card. Not only that, but we get more micromajig tokens! As a champion, I crave to find the best new combinations of cards to beat my opponent. Not only do we get brand new cards, but we also revisit some powerful cards, and up-and-coming underdogs, from previous sets.

With the release of new cards, I find myself searching out the best cards. It’s hard to say that one card is better than another. A lot of powerful cards lose their strength with the introduction of new mechanics. Alternatively, cards that seemed underwhelming, now have a chance to rise to the top. The new rookie of the season is Purge the Villainous. Hands down, this is the most user friendly tactic available. There is no threshold requirement, so it fits in any deck. If your deck is lacking in control, please consider this new guy.DOD115_Purge the Villainous

With the dawn of “DoD”, I bring you my interpretation of what each trade has to offer best when focusing mainly on mono-trade. Please keep in mind that a lot of these cards mesh well and can be made into dual-trade decks. There were also cards that barely missed the roster, and could just as easily make it into your deck.

Barney 3.0

This purple dinosaur is getting out of hand…. but I love him! Not only are you controlling their field, but you are efficiently forcing them to discard. Hope they can play from their discard pile…

Gatekeeper is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Each tactic you slap your opponent with allots you a token character with a whopping 2 strength! Pretty much every tactic is going to disrupt your opponents’ hand and/or field. Arcanist provides so many great tactics, I felt this was the one deck that didn’t really need Purge the Villainous. Let’s talk about the Grasp of Rantzigore. This is my number 1 early game control card available. Not too many characters with more than two life exist yet. On top of that, I have enlisted quite a few powerful UNIQUE characters that need to be answered, lest you earn the win.

DOD040_Montgomery BlatherscytheThis time around we can see that the Arcanist has taken more of a “tempo” form, compared to the previous versions that made the opponent dump their hand early. With recursion and cheap resource ramping, we have to focus more on what is being put in front of the opponent. Let’s watch Barney burn all his bridges….

Faction: Lugubrian Council Expedition Division

2 Obsession (2 start)

4 Chirophobia

4 Neurosis

1 Obol of Obsession

4 Gatekeeper of the Void

4 Insidious Brainworm

4 Officially Offensive Overseer

3 Violating Anomaly

3 Servile Centipede

2 Obscene Astrologer

2 Rummaging Millipede

1 Alistar Wixthorough

1 Uhluhtc Unleashed

1 Gilda, Mother of Gideon

1 Eldridge Gosche, Godstealer

4 Voidal Interference

4 Grasp of Rantzigore

4 Ritual of the Sucking Skull

4 Spontaneous Displacement

4 Quotidian Transposition

4 Additional Tribute

4 Spatchcocking

2 Redonkulous

2 Thabbashite Barbeque

1 Reality Shift

1 Voidal Poisoning

2 Inadequate Wand

1 Thabbashite Temple

Check back on Wednesday for the next installment and another new deck!