Trade Devotion in Current Pt. 2

Trade Devotion in Current Pt. 2

Monty and Company

Discard piles have never seen such beautiful recursion! Monty the amazing just seems to get better with each set. We have a couple of new characters that mesh well with others, but the new up-and-coming rookie for the Banker’s trade is Death Investor. Because this deck focuses on recurring cheap characters from the discard pile for a quick pound, we don’t really see his full potential here. He does work extremely well with Hassan-i of Thabbash and War Racketeer.UB005-Death Investor

Our main strategist, who is still under promoted, is Homewrecker. She is our go to defense, and cherry picker for the offense. Montgomery simply keeps inviting her back to the party.

I still think you should let the opponent go first, and dig for Karmic Cake in your opening hand. You are limited on your first turn moves, Karmic can be played on your opponent’s first turn, and one good resource fetch could set you straight for the rest of the game. This fact alone allows you to blend the banker faction with any other faction of your choice. I simply prefer rage for the tactics and Watchtower.

Faction: Order of the Golden Strings

1 Rage (start)

3 Greed (1 start)

4 Exploitation

3 Carnal Cravings

1 Raging Ferocity

4 Shaman of the Fallen

4 Montgomery Blatherscythe

4 Homewrecker

4 Dwarvish Grimalkin

2 Death Investor

3 Property Condemner

3 Hassan-I of Thabbash

2 Erotic Assassin

1 The Garbageman

1 Resurrecting Necromorph

1 Gus VanBaymaven

1 War Racketeer

4 Purge the Villainous

3 Karmic Cake

3 Limited Liability

3 Contractual Execution

2 Nine Rituals of the Mau

2 Tactician Vacation

2 Akashic Coin

4 Ministry of other Small Ministries

3 Department of Rejections

3 Watchtower

2 Personal God Shrine

2 Ancestral Coffers

Check back Friday for the next installment and another new deck!