Trade Devotion in Current Pt. 3

Trade Devotion in Current Pt. 3

Micromajig Team Go!

Happy Friday! Today, I’ve got two decks for you, starting with a new Micromajig deck.

Token for days, am I right? Five of the characters listed produce the little gidgets. What doesn’t produce Micromajigs more than likely tutors your deck and/or pads your resources. DOD071_Micromajig Overlord

They may be measly 1/1/3, but having a bigger roster on the field than your opponents is a great advantage. Now lets throw the Micromajig Overlord on top of the mess; now we have some leverage. Although those cute little guys will probably be sharing a Blade of Light, or other insane gear, they’ll probably do just as well to wait around for the veteran, Cantankerous Clayworks, or our new rookie for the Gearsmith: Ex Machina Majig.

This deck also has a slow gear. Cr4ck13 on the field presents a huge stop sign for the opponent. If they can’t remove it tactically, they are climbing an uphill battle. You can stall out, and get to Big Bad Ziggy, the stolen god.

Faction: Tournament Faction

6 Elitism (2 start)

4 700160x 31f

4 Micromajig Master

4 Micromajig Overlord

4 Cr4ck13

4 Node in a Box

4 Clockman Junk Picker

4 Stuttershy

4 Contriving Engineer

2 Drainbow Crash

2 Ex Machina Majig

2 Cantankerous Clayworks

2 Zigalburgonglgr, the Stolen God

4 Purge the Villainous

4 Cock Block

4 Hilarious Refrigerator Alarm

2 Thorough Sanitization

4 G14n7 5p0rk D3f3nc3

4 Luteoderm Prototype

3 Rocket Lawnchair

1 H07 P3pp3r

1 Everlasting Blade of Light

1 Tri-Pole Magnet

1 Draconic Luteoderm Suit

Fired Bastard 2.0

Thank you devs for the new cards in this deck! This is one of the O.G’s with a new twist. It began as a funny concept that only used a quarter of the deck, and is now a viable threat.

Seasoned players already know about the process for resources ramping on the beginning turns. On your third turn you could potentially have six resources and so many sour options to slam on the table.

Fired Hand

The basic theory is that that we only need two resources, because that is the maximum requirement on any card, and now they are all very playable. Every card is going to distract your opponent from the real threat: Fired Hand face-down in front of you, and Lucky Bastard on your side of the table. Now if you get this off, and you win all of your top-card-showdown, your opponent will have lost half their deck, and you have half of yours in your hand. At least, that is the best case scenario.

We also have two new proactive tactics that fit well in the “cost over four” theory. I hope I didn’t lose you in the algorithm. Best thing to do is check out the cards and practice with them to see for yourself.

Faction: Tournament Faction

2 Deception (yep, that’s it)

4 Lucky Bastard

4 Fired Hand

4 Opportunistic Pirate

4 Martial Artist

4 Thabbashite Dartist

4 Murderous Kleptomaniac

4 Rosie Palmer, and her Five Friends

4 Hassan-I of Thabbash

4 Thabbashite Serpent Rider

3 Zigalburgonglgr, the Stolen God

3 Maxwell Cockswagger

1 Adriel, Sarcophyle King

1 Arathea, the Undying

1 Chosen Reaper of Thabbash

4 Purge the Villainous

4 Strangulate

4 Delicious Strawberries of Death

4 Catastrophic Betrayal

4 Rapine

3 Moment of Annihilation

2 Hustler’s Comeuppance

3 Super Slingerang XL200

Check back Monday for the final installment of Trade Devotion in Current!