Trade Devotion in Current Pt. 4

Trade Devotion in Current Pt. 4

Feel the Burn

DOD126_Deadly StrikerThis deck is so flooded with dragons, I almost named it a dragon theme. You honestly only need to play one more rage resource, and every card in your deck is deployable. I like the early game with not just our rock star: Gideon, but also the Caltrops and Surplus Soldier combo. 

Most of the Cards in this deck will wipe out any unsupported tokens and baby characters, and our tactics will help take out the heavier chars. An item-heavy deck will also have a hard time against this brew.

Faction: Tournament Faction

5 Rage (2 start)

4 Raging Ferocity

4 Foundation Ravager

4 Spitting Sarume

4 Surplus Soldier

4 Deadly Striker

4 Plunging Shriever

4 Dragon Archer

3 Fire Tail Kamikaze

3 Leaping Sarume

3 Boorish Boar

2 Gideon the Ultimate Warrior

1 Trebuchet Officer

4 Breath of the Barduse

4 Storm the Gate

4 Purge the Villainous

4 Epic Smackdown

4 The Emperor Born

3 Tactician Vacation

3 A Blazing Zero

4 Super Shiny Caltrops of Doom

Thanks for reading and make sure to look back at all of the Trade Devotion in Current articles for other deck ideas.