Ungodly Mess Spoiler Analysis – Padamose Cultists

Ungodly Mess Spoiler Analysis – Padamose Cultists

Hey spoilers! I am back with a fresh new spoiler from Ungodly Mess.

The card is called Padamose Cultists and is a Banker Character.

C012-Padamose Cultists

For the cost of two you get a character with two strength, one life and three speed.

When it enters play, and you have deployed a non-character the same turn, you get to draw two cards. That is quite a sweet deal for two resources.

Alright, so what can we do with this card?

Let’s start talking about it in limited. One threshold means this is easily splashable, especially because Unlikely Heroes is available. I think this is a very good card in the right deck, drawing cards are strong in limited and drawing cards and getting a character is even stronger.

What can we pair it with in constructed?

This card costs two, which means Montgomery Blatherscythe can return it from the discard pile to play. I think this can work well as a compliment to Dwarvish Grimalkin so you can draw even more cards. If you start with one obsession you have access to cheap tactics in addition to all good cheap banker tactics (Delectable Boon to name one).

You can put Padamose Cultists in a Homewrecker deck. You are already playing a bunch of cheap locations in there, which means getting to draw the two cards will not be hard. Homewrecker works as a tempo deck, which plays locations to slow down your opponent and also depleting the characters so you can attack for free. Drawing cards in this kind of decks means you can put even more pressure on your opponent.

Control decks are also always looking for more and more cards. Padamose Cultists would act as a cheap blocker in here, which also draws you two cards. If you have any kind of bounce (Inadequate Wand) the value just goes up and up.

Some cards that work well with Padamose Cultists:

Quotidian Transposition: Bounce this and one of your opponent characters, replay Padamose Cultists and draw 2 cards.

Cash Out: Play cash out for zero to draw one, then deploy Padamose Cultists and draw two more.

Postmortem Debenture: Return Padamose Cultists from your discard pile to your hand deploy it and draw two new cards.

The Emperor Born: Same as Postmortem, but you deploy it directly from the discard pile.

Cantrips in general (Brainbath, Obsessive Compulsion etc.): Deploy a cantrip so you get to draw two cards when you deploy Padamose Cultists.

I hope you enjoyed this spoiler and that you guys are excited for Ungodly Mess, I know I am!

That’s all for this time, thanks for reading!