Ungodly Mess SPOILER! Fantastic Über Kool Creator Majig

Ungodly Mess SPOILER! Fantastic Über Kool Creator Majig

Hello Spoilers!

Typically, cards fall into one of three categories: great in limited, great in constructed, or great in neither. In limited, the usefulness of a card is usually dependent on how good the rest of your card pool is; if you have a Slinking Bandito but no other good rogue cards, then the Bandito is bad, but if you have a Bandito with a good rogue pool, you may end up winning a Victors Circuit. In constructed, however, Slinking Bandito isn’t very widely played. It takes multiple turns to gain enough strength to deal significant damage, and by the time it’s big enough to make a difference your opponent will probably have already used removal on it (it has only 1 life, so most removal cards in the game will kill it).

That being said, the card I have for you today doesn’t fit into any of those categories in the traditional sense. It can be great in limited, but also awful in limited. It can win you games in constructed, but could also lose you games. If used improperly, the card is useless; if used properly, it can be a force detrimental to any opponent you may come across. Today, I’m honored to present to you the Fantastic Über Kool Creator Majig. And yes, that is its actual name.

R014-Fantastic Über Kool Creator Majig

The first thing you may see when looking at this card is its numeric cost of 10. While this may seem obscene and immediately unplayable, its extra cost makes things a bit better.

Extra Cost: Reduce this card’s numeric cost by the number of [E] you control.

Okay, that’s much better. Right off the bat, Creator Majig costs 9 which, while still very expensive, gives a ray of hopeful light that this card may eventually be playable.

So now let’s look at the effect: At the start of your turn, you may play a resource. /At the start of your turn, you may destroy a card you control that provides [E]. If you do, search your deck for a card and put it into your hand.

So with this card in play you get to play up to two resources per turn or play a resource AND draw a card each turn. Seems good.

How to make it affordable

Now that we’ve covered what this card does, let’s figure out how to play it in an affordable manner. Assuming you’re playing mono Gearsmith, you start off with 2 Elitisms in play, making the numeric cost 8. If you play a resource for the start of your first turn, its cost becomes 7 (6 if you play an Arrogance). Now by just playing a regular resource each turn after this, you’ll be able to play it on turn 3 (even if you play an Arrogance, since its cost will be 5 on turn 2 and you’ll only have 4 resources in play). While it will take up all of your resources to play it, you’ll be able to generate enough resource advantage to easily overwhelm your opponent as the game progresses.

Let’s say you want to play Creator Majig turn 2. All you need for that is to start the game with two Elitisms as your starting resources, a Creator Majig (obviously), 1337!, Contriving Engineer, and two Elitisms (or one Arrogance). The combo goes as follows:

Play an Elitism (or Arrogance) for the start of your turn -> play 1337! -> play Contriving Engineer to get another Elitism attached to your faction -> start your next turn with another Elitism (or any resource if you played an Arrogance on your first turn). Now you have five resources in play totaling 5 [E] threshold. This reduces the numeric cost of Creator Majig by 5 and lets you play it turn 2.

There are probably many other ways to play this card turn 2, but I’ll leave it up to you to figure them out!

Now let’s assume you’re a veteran player who enjoys playing the Chronicle format. If this is the case, then you can have fun playing this card on your first turn. Playing Creator Majig turn 1 in Chronicles requires only two other cards: 31337! And Research Investment. The combo is as follows:

Start with [E][X] (“X” being any other resource) -> play [X] for your Development -> play 31337!, adding [E][E][E][E] and flipping it face-down -> play Research Investment, adding an Elitism and any other two resources from your deck. At this point, you control 6 [E] threshold, reducing the cost of Creator Majig to 4, and have four open resources.

So what started as a ridiculously high-cost card that seemed unplayable has now become a simple 1 to 2 turn drop. Keeping in mind that the earlier you play this card the more beneficial it will be, this can give you a tremendous resource advantage over your opponent.

Its place in Limited

So now that I’ve delved a bit into how this card can efficiently be played in Constructed, let’s take a look at its place in Limited. As has already been established, Creator Majig can be played turn 3 with no other assistance (assuming you make your Elitism drop each turn and start [E][E]). Typically in Limited, though, you’ll be playing a multi-trade deck (2 is optimal, but 3 is usually easier). Playing multiple trades means it will be harder to play Creator Majig early in the game. If you do happen to have an amazing Elitism pool and you’re able to start with at least 1 [E] and play Elitisms in your deck, Creator Majig can be one of the best cards in your pool (remember how I mentioned that a card can be either good or bad in limited, depending on your card pool? It very much applies to this card). If you are able to get Creator Majig out in a limited game, it can be one of the best bombs in the game (a bomb refers to a card that, when played, gives you a huge advantage). Not only will you be able to play twice as many resources each turn as your opponent, but you can also search out ANY card in your deck each turn, meaning you can potentially have the appropriate response to anything your opponent plays. This cards second ability can be absolutely overwhelming to your opponent and will, more often than not, give you an easy win.

Its place in Constructed

So I’ve already established that you can get CREATOR MAJIG out early in the game, but when would this be beneficial? Gearsmith was traditionally designed to be the trade that both ramps a bunch and brings out large characters and overwhelms the board with Micromajig tokens. Recently though, the gears (pun intended) have shifted and Gearsmith has become a very aggro trade (next to Warlord, which was traditionally the aggro trade). With cards like Guardforce Aggromajig, and Everlasting Sword of Light (which can be brought out by Toolbox Elf), Gearsmith has been infamous for winning games very quickly. On the flip side, Gearsmith also does a great job at ramping resources and stalling the opponents aggro. Both Node in a Box and Stuttershy have seen play in controlling combo decks, like the Thabbashite Temple deck which got first place at the Origins Championship, allowing the player to hold off the opponent until the combo pieces are in place. I can see Creator Majig taking its place in this sort of situation. In the past, the only viable cards which allowed multiple resource drops per turn were Free Trade Agreement and Community Chest, both of which were played in a super controlling Banker deck whose win condition was to draw their entire deck and loop Bask Bile with Writ of Reclamation. With all of the other ramp cards Gearsmith has, there very well may be a stall/control deck that comes of Creator Majig. This card also has incredible synergy with the recently spoiled Zenobia, Artificer. Since Creisator Majig is an item, you can discard it with Zenobia to put 10 tokens on her, allowing you to later search for most likely any card in your deck (or cards, if you search lower cost cards each turn). Creator Majig is easily searched by Multi-Attachment Man, and since he’s Gearsmith too you don’t even have to play with multiple trades to get the full benefit of it.


If you’ve read all 1400-ish words of this article so far, then I congratulate you and hope you’ve learned something. If you haven’t, then here’s a good summary of it all: this card is super fascinating. It can be both amazing and awful in both Limited and Constructed. It has great synergies with everything the Gearsmith trade has given us so far and will give us in the future. You can use it in a control strategy to out-resource your opponent, or you can use it with Zenobia to search anything in your deck. You can get it out turn 2 with the right hand in Current or turn 1 with the right hand in Chronicles, or you can just wait a couple turns and play it regularly with minimal effort.

Essentially, don’t let its giant cost scare you. While it may look very unplayable at first glance, this card has the potential to change the game.