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Our simple Organized Play program makes winners out of both stores and players. There are Three Tiers of participation all of which center around casual play with Spoiled Rotten. Spoiled Rotten puts casual play at the top of the list for our Trading Card Game. Stores provide a dedicated day and time for players to play The Spoils casually one-on-one or in groups to earn a sticker for each game played. Earn five stickers, win an exclusive promo card just for playing. It is so simple! Stores in each of the three tiers all run at least one Spoiled Rotten event each week. The days and time are completely up to the store. The three tiers reflect how many organized tournaments the stores hold each month.

Download Here

Click the buttons above to be taken to our Player Portal and to download our Tournament Software. Our Tournament Software is a Google Chrome Plug-In, and will work on any computer with the Google Chrome Browser installed. To use:

  1. Open up Google Chrome, or download here
  2. Click the above link, then click Download
  3. The Spoils Tournament Software App will appear on your apps page like any otherScreen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.13.39 PM

Tier One Stores

One Weekly Spoiled Rotten At Least One Monthly OP Tournament Store Rewards: TBA

Tier Two Stores

Weekly Spoiled Rotten At Least Two Monthly OP Tournaments Store Rewards: TBA

Tier Three Stores

Weekly Spoiled Rotten At Least Four Monthly OP Tournaments Store Reward: TBA



Stores participating in VICTORS Organized Play agree to host FREE weekly SPOILED ROTTEN events by committing to casually play The Spoils at the same day and time in the store. For each game played (win or lose) players earn a sticker. When they earn five, you give them an exclusive promo card. That’s it. As a VICTORS  store you get:

  • 2 19″x 27″ Full Color Posters
  • 20 Full Color Play Cards
  • 2000 Full Color Stickers
  • 20 Packs of 10 Different Exclusive Promo Cards (200 Cards)
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Ready for a little more competition?

Participate in our Character Events, Victors Circuit, and Spoils Championships all over the world! Read the entire Victors OP 2016 breakdown here.

Organized Play News

Welcome to our new Head Judge, Brian Hodge!

Greetings fellow players and fans!

As a fellow player and fan of The Spoils since right after its creation back in the ol’ Beta days, it is with great honor that I accept this title of Head Judge, Judicator of Luridia. I have been playing the game for nearly 10 years now, with a small break during the release of Shade due to moving and marriage and whatnot (oh, life!), and it’s an awesome privilege to get to contribute to the game in a way I love. Handling rulings!

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